2023 in Pisticci…..a few days contemplation..

I’m still waiting for bronze paint to arrive so I don’t start my next bit of work until Monday.

This morning was spent at Scanzano market meeting friends and resisting buying unnecessary clothing no matter how cheap it was. Followed closely by buying heavy ” stuff” in the nearby supermarket as I wouldn’t need to carry it all the way up the hill from my local shop.

After that it was contemplation time.

Yesterday I thought that I would look for my book on 2020 in Pisticci.  So I did. I read the first few pages and I’m not sure I like it any more. That is what happened to the first ” book ” I wrote.

I don’t know what to do.

I have several choices.

I could do nothing. I wrote a book, made 10 copies and I only have one left. No one who presumably read it…commented. I assumed it was not very interesting/ or had yet to reach the right reader.

(I’m quite proud of the progress I’ve made in life that I could actually consider the second option….)

I could just leave it and move on.

Or I could edit it until I liked it better… Probably  I couldn’t do that unless I thought it was worth doing.  Also it would be a lot of work and I’m tired.

Or I could pay someone else from a site like “Reedsy” to help me make it better….assuming it was worth doing. That would require both money and effort.

I have some contemplating to do.

It has been very windy this afternoon and I decided to go out and take photos of the wind. I thought that sounded like quite a fun activity.

I went up the pink brick road, being careful to keep away from the edge as the wind was really quite fierce.

This was my best ” wind” photo.
It’s not so easy to see the wind in this, but I liked it anyways.

After that I sat up by the church for a while and contemplated. And took some more photos.

I never tire of looking at the higgeldy piggeldy houses
And the view towards the church isn’t too bad either.

Now it’s wine time and I think I’ve found an episode of “Midsummer Murders” on YouTube.


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