2023 in Pisticci…..Saturday again….

I try and make the weekends feel different. It doesn’t always happen.

Today’s been nice .

Went out to the supermarket and took a different route. Bought apples and lemonade.

Nice view of the church.
I like the paving
This door is always photogenic.
Just before I took this photo a motorbike drove down these steps. Never seen that before!

I haven’t done very much today.

I tried writing with a “Pen” on my tablet . That was quite good fun , but I need to write very neatly. I thought I might as well have a go as I’ve had the tablet for months and never used the pen.

I made some more peanut butter.

Makes a great snack.

I was thinking about my black canvases and have made a folder with some reference photos on my phone. Maybe I’ll try painting one tomorrow.

Then I updated my work diary.

Excuse my feet in this photo.

Now it’s Saturday wine time……

I’ve found a new series on YouTube called ” Murder in Suburbia”. Its pleasant and not gruesome. Might watch that.


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