2023 in Pisticci….the day of the black canvas….

Today my plan was to chose one of the photos which I had carefully placed in a folder called ” black canvas,” and then paint it on the first of my new black canvases.

However when I woke up it was lovely, sunny and warm outside, not raining as was forecast.

So I sat outside, wrote my Sunday email, ate breakfast, had a coffee and then got my kindle from upstairs and finished the book I was reading.

It actually was warm.

By then it was 10am so I sat down and looked at all the photos in the black canvas folder. I liked several of them.

Then I got a message saying that someone wanted to come round to talk about getting a painting done.

So it was necessary to tidy up a bit.

Soon it was lunch time and I had 2 new commissions.

About then I got a phone call about tomorrow’s work and so arranged to go and discuss it in situ at 3.30pm.

There was just time to watch an episode of Midsomer Murders before I went out.

And now I have yet another commission to prepare for.

So I have decided to postpone painting on black canvases for the foreseeable future.

I was given a small glass of a very strong fruity liqueur after getting tomorrow’s work sorted out. It was very nice, but needs to be drunk sparingly.

It’s lovely outside right now.

Love this time of day.

It looks like I should be busy for the next few weeks.

But for now it’s wine time……


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