2023 in Pisticci…working Monday…..

It was fun to have ” work” to go to this morning. I got picked up in the piazza and delivered in the country.

I’m working in the same place where I painted a shed in the garden. This time I’m inside.

That was my first big mural on my own.
Am enjoying this . Still a work in progress.

It has been a beautiful day again and I was able to sit outside and have a coffee about 6.30am this morning. (Said ” Ciao ” to the bin man.)

Blue sky feels good.

This afternoon I took some photos and did a quick sketch for a possible wall painting.

Spring flowers

And the pension people have replied to my letter!! It could be that they just did….or it could have been that I asked an MP if they could help. Not that anything has changed. It’s a sort of apologetic , “we are dealing with stuff” letter. But a reply is a result. I first contacted them at the end of November.

Now it’s wine time. More tree painting tomorrow.


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