2023 in Pisticci…painted on first black canvas…..

I sort of tricked myself into it.

I’m nearly finished the tree that I’m painting in someone’s house and tomorrow I’m to begin painting a branch of a magnolia tree.

I’ve never painted magnolias before so I thought a bit practice would be a good idea.

To make it more fun for myself I used a black canvas.

Used 3 photos to do this.

Having spent at least 2 hours working on this I decided that I’d have to find a simpler way to paint them or it would take me far too long to finish the wall painting.

Thanks to youtube I now have some simplified sketches to use.

But I did enjoy painting on the black canvas.

Today has been busy. Tree painting all morning and magnolias most of the afternoon.

I still need to do a sketch for tomorrow. It may get done in the morning

Fluffy has been in and out all afternoon. She is getting fat. I do hope she is not planning to have kittens in some corner of my house.

She doesn’t look very comfortable.

I’m glad it’s wine time now.


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