2023 in Pisticci….magnolias and a bronze tree…..

Today I finished the bronze tree. I’m very pleased with it. It was a first for me.

It continues on to the mirror.

My next project is to paint a branch with magnolia blooms on an outside wall.

I get ridiculously nervous before beginning painting on someone else’s wall. However the rough drawing looks okay so far and I can adjust it relatively easily. Tomorrow I start with colour and then there’s no easy going back.

Am still practicing painting the flowers.

This afternoon’s practice.

Acrylic on card

I’ve downloaded lots of photos of flowers and leaves. I keep looking for the ideal flower to draw , but there doesn’t seem to be one. It was even difficult to find out how many petals there are on each bloom.

Now it’s time to be cosy and drink wine.

Is very windy outside.


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