2023 in Pisticci…..disappointed……

I wondered what to say about my picture book which arrived today.

The quality  of the photos is good. It’s bigger than I thought it would be.

I’m just disappointed in my presentation.

So I’ll consider it a prototype …..and the next one will be better.

The cover looks good.
And the photos are perfect. …..but the writing is a bit big.

At least it arrived when I was here.

I wasn’t mural painting today as it was damp and cold.

So I went to the post office to see what was waiting for me there, but I have to go back on the 30th.

I could waste my time trying to understand why that is happening,  but I’ve got better things to do.

Today I worked on a double portrait and it’s  gone very well. I decided to make it full length so the faces are relatively small, but  manageable. It’s  on 50x60cm canvas.

I bought more wine when I was out and then discovered that I had a bottle left. For some reason I thought there were 4 bottles of wine in a 5 litre container.  I blame not learning number bonds ( I think that’s  what you call them) when I was in primary school.

I’ve put my 3 magnolia paintings on black canvas on Instagram  to cheer myself up.

Tomorrow I should be back to mural painting with a bit of portrait painting in the afternoon.

At the weekend I might look into adapting my prototype book.

Now the weather has cheered up.

This is cheered up……

Wine time now.


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