2023 in Pisticci….satisfactory week…..

Am sitting here tonight in my comfy yellow armchair, with blues playing on my laptop, sun shining in the window and a glass of wine beside me. And it’s Friday.

Today I went out and bought more wood to make stretchers.

4 lengths of wood .
Just had to take this photo with all the house shadows.

By 12am I’d made 2 new canvases for my next commissions. I had also cut my finger on my metal measuring tape and hammered my thumb. Ouch!!

Professional set up!

I also ordered another yellow plastic wotsit for cutting angles , and a saw. I considered getting something more sophisticated, but decided that I was safer sticking with what I knew.

This afternoon I finished both figures in my latest portrait. They are looking good. Am not sure how I’ll do the background yet.

Last night I was paid for the 2 murally things I’ve been painting.

My picture book arrived this week. And although I would like it to have been ” better” I’m fairly sure I can make a better version….when I get some time. ( soon)

I was out for an apertivo with friends.

There were lots of other little things that happened too. It feels like waking up after the winter.

And now it’s the weekend. I’d like to do housey things. Maybe take a walk to the far away cheaper supermarket. The flowerpots could do with tidying. My work diary needs updating. I need some new books on my kindle.

For now, it’s wine time.


My street…now.

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