2023 in Pisticci…making my bed sofa more useful…..

To begin with today I took a walk to the far away cheap supermarket , so that I could buy a few things which have disappeared in my usual shop. I’m not very fond of walking uphill carrying shopping so I don’t go very often. When I had my scooter it was my favourite place to shop.

However it was a pleasant walk downhill….and I saw my first poppies this year.

Cute signs….there was a landslide
This is the landslide protection which has been put in place.
Pisticci is away up there…….

I was glad I went. It wouldn’t hurt if I was a bit fitter.

Then the real work of the day began.

My futon type bed sofa is not much use any longer. The mattress is useless and gives me a sore back.

Plan A was to take the frame to bits and make it into something else.

I managed to get one screw out.
Wasn’t quite sure what I would do with the mattress……

Plan B was to convert it into a single bed. I have a single mattress which would have fitted fine. And I sleep in the gallery in the summer as it’s cooler.

That didn’t work as I couldn’t make a flat base.

Plan C was to put it back to being a sofa ,but subtly change the shape by stuffing an old quilt down the back. And then using a neutral coloured cover so that it was less visible.

That worked a bit as it was at least tidier.

Still an annoying waste of space.

I tried sitting a few paintings on it , but they looked a bit silly.

Then I remembered I had a single bed frame and wondered if I could use it to make the sofa into a sort of table.

The bed frame fitted perfectly between the bed ends.
Neatly covered up
Now it’s displaying paintings.
And my gallery is looking less crowded.

After that I tidied up my work space a bit.

And updated my work diary.

I have done a lot recently.

Now it’s definitely wine time. The door has been open most of today, but now it’s getting a bit chilly. Time to turn on the gas heater and bring in the solar lights.


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