2023 in Pisticci….fun Sunday project….

It’s been a lovely sunny day.

I thought that I’d tidy up my garden ….and this was the result…

Very pleased with myself.

I did a bit of weeding first and then got the clippers out and hacked away at some of the big weeds growing in the street. 

There used to be a lot of weeds where the chair is.

That was when I looked sadly at my nice old blue chair . The slats for sitting on had mostly fallen out and were lying on the ground.

They looked quite pretty.

I remembered that I had a saw.

4 pieces were straight….the others were bent.

Having made a nice distressed frame I looked for a used canvas board and was lucky to find one exactly the right size.

I stapled it on to the frame and then varnished the whole thing. It was so warm today that it dried outside in an hour.

Then I painted the canvas black. And took some photos of my flowers…..which I think of as pansies ….but apparently aren’t.

It would have been nice to paint from life , but it was hot.

The black paint dried quickly and 2 hours later I had a cute little painting with a lovely frame.

That was a good way to spend a Sunday.

Wine time now.


One comment

  1. Anne,

    How lovely! You should keep this one – what a perfect way to give your chair a new purpose.

    It is warm here in Florida, too. Tomorrow it will be in the low 90’s.


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