2023 in Pisticci….the mystery bill…..

After making a half hearted effort to paint this morning I gave up and hung about until it was time to go and get my mystery bill….or whatever .

When I got to the post office I was pleased to see that there were hardly any people waiting. I pressed what I hoped were the right buttons on the new updated and equally confusing machine and out popped a ticket.

It was now about 2 weeks since I got the notice telling me to go to the post office. I had tried not to worry .This was my second try as the first time it had been pointed out that I was to come on the 30th after 10.30am.

I stood and and waited .

I tried doing some deep breathing to calm myself down. Although my imagination is sadly lacking when I need inspiration it works just great imagining disasters. I decided I wouldn’t open the letter until I was outside incase I collapsed.

Finally my number flashed up. I handed over my crumpled document and the lady behind the glass looked at it and asked if it was for me. Why??? Then she typed a few things on the computer and turned the paper upside down. She muttered something which could have been ” what idiot wrote this” . My Italian is not that good….

Eventually she went off and came back with an official looking letter covered by forms to be filled in.

I had to first sign one of these forms and then I had to sign on a screen.

And only after all that I was finally handed the letter. I was luckily still breathing at this point and made my way shakily outside.

It was not very easy to get the envelope open , but when I finally did I looked at all the writing and had no idea what it was all about. I searched for the part where it said the amount to be paid which was €198 . So that was okay.

I considered going home and trying to translate it, but I’ve done that before and been none the wiser.

Then I remembered the ” magic money man”. His office was only round the corner. Turns out Thursday is his day off.

I wondered who I could ask .

Then I decided to go for a coffee and a think.

The bar wasn’t too crowded so I asked the guy behind the bar if he could tell me what this was. He read about 3 paragraphs down the page and then pointed to a bit in tiny writing which said that it was the ” rubbish tax”. I said , “You mean tari?” Last year that was what it was called.

I sat down and nearly cried , but drank my coffee instead.

When I walked back down to my house the sky seemed more blue, the world more amazing and I was so happy.

You know when you’ve secretly been worried about something but you don’t know how much until it’s over. That feeling …….

I got back to painting after lunch and painted grass and then flowers. I think I’m nearly finished.

With flowers
Was pleased with my grass painting.

So all I need to do , hopefully, is go and pay my bill in a tabacchi. Maybe tomorrow.

And for now I’ll have a glass of wine. And breathe……


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