2023 in Pisticci… Bill paid! …..

On further inspection of my ” mystery” bill it is actually the “Tari ” for 2017.

It’s not really surprising that I often don’t know what is happening. Life is very different here.

However , it’s been a lovely day and I’ve had the door open all day until about half an hour ago.

This morning after going up town and then to the supermarket……..

Mist in the valley

…..I worked on the calanche painting. It’s now nearly finished.

Pretty pleased with this.

In the afternoon I painted the beach scene and watched videos on painting beach scenes. I’m not quite sure how this is going.

Seems to be changing from my original plan.

I’ll probably carry on with it over the weekend so that next week I can get to work on the second version of my picture book.

My new saw and angle thingy arrived today. I was a bit disappointed as I thought it was my new summer sandals.

I’ve found 2 new episodes of ” Murder in Suburbia “. Hurray!!

And it’s Friday……..


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