2023 in Pisticci…still trying to fix that painting…..

It was raining  when I woke up this morning and it’s been wet, thundery and windy off and on all day.

Until now.   ..

Now it’s  merely miserable…..

However it was a good day to stay home and paint.

It’s  easier to show my  progress ….backwards and forwards… in pictures.

Painted a little green plant at the bottom. Didn’t like it…
Got out my app and drew a tree and and a wooden path. Covered up the plant.
Drew the tree, painted over the seats in the middle as they looked too big.
Extended the wooden path to cover up where the plant had been as it showed through despite several coats of paint. Decided one small sunbed was enough in the middle.
Painted, then repainted palm leaves.
Made the red recliner a purpley blue and also the other blue one.

There were a lot of little things I changed as well. I’ve spent hours going over and over this today. And I’m still not happy with it.

But there is always tomorrow…. and I’ve had another idea…….

I still think it looks like a collection of things stuck on a beach and I want it to look like a pattern or design. I’m not sure what the right word for it is. It’s not there yet.

I got more gas today so I can relax and look forward to Easter without running out.

I think the weather is to be be better tomorrow.

Now it’s wine time. ( and I must not touch the painting until morning!!)


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