2023 in Pisticci ….mostly reading and painting…….

I started fairly early this morning even though it is Sunday and I would have preferred to have relaxed and enjoyed some sunshine.

But I have a painting problem and I want it fixed.

I found my painting app and downloaded a photo of the painting as it was.

It’s quite good fun to add things and change bits and pieces knowing that I don’t have to paint over them on the actual painting. I feel awfully clever being able to do this extremely simple thing.

So today I’ve ended up with this version. ..which is not finished yet…..

Not really what I had planned, but maybe my plan would never have worked.

I tried several ideas online .

This was the previous painting which was a different shape.
This was the painting at lunch time.

I think I need to start thinking of it as a new painting and not constantly relate it to the older one.

Hopefully I can finish it to my satisfaction tomorrow. I found photos online of the actual beach I based it on which is near Pisticci.

In-between painting I read which allowed me to make several new starts.

Thank goodness it’s wine time now. Tomorrow I’ll fix it…..


Right now in my street.

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