2023 in Pisticci….busy day procrastinating ……

I’m relatively happy with being busy while procrastinating……..I know what I should be doing this week and it’s Wednesday already, but I’m not wasting my time .

I was supposed to be making another picture book.

However I cooked enough rice to mix with scrambled egg to last for 12 days. There are now 11 small bags of cooked rice in the freezer.

Then I went shopping. I had to buy more little bags.

I took some photos of doors on the way and I found the name of the street I ended up calling ” via non lo so.” ( via I don’t know. )

I suppose that is a tiny step in the right” book” direction even if it was accidental. I spoke to a very nice lady who had seen the painting I did . That was a good feeling.

This was in Via non lo so.
I like old doors
View towards the mountains
Doors and shadows

Then it was time to fix the frames I painted yesterday. I repainted the blue one, then sanded them all so they look a little aged. I’m very pleased with the result.

Definitely all better than before.

After lunch I took an old self portrait out of a frame and adjusted it. It looks better more square shaped . I changed some of the colours and fiddled about with it. It’s better now, though it’s not much of a likeness and my shoes aren’t very well done.

I like the shapes.

Then I made oatcakes.

My new big baking tray
Only had a small cutter.

Finally I decided to make a new canvas to fit the frame which was empty after removing the self portrait.

It fits!!!

I have a plan to incorporate the frame in a painting.

A good day’s work I think.


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