2023 in Pisticci….just a nice day…..

I like little things.

For instance , sitting on my doorstep eating rice and eggs for breakfast. ( I have a lot of rice and have decided to use it up this way.)

Then I noticed my first rose this year.

Stone James is looking a bit battered, but still makes a good coffee table.

It was a good day for doing the washing. There were some rather disturbing noises from the washing machine which sits in the fireplace . I hoovered the worst of the dust , cobwebs and various other stuff from down the sides. I’ve already decided that if it breaks I won’t be replacing it. But for today it worked.

And I love seeing washing blowing in the wind.

After spending an hour or so looking at alternatives for my better version of a photo book I’ve more or less decided what I want to do. I think that’s progress.

After lunch I picked my first rose as I needed something to paint that meant something…and it was looking as if it wouldn’t last very long.

I’m not very good at painting roses. Not enough patience.

Now it’s wine time . The wind is getting up outside . Tomorrow I should go out…….


Afternoon light.

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