2023 in Pisticci….still making futile efforts…..

My picture -book making is not progressing in a straight direction. It’s like I am making a stab at one direction and then I’m stopped for some reason….could be anything. So I try something else and decide that won’t work or it’s not what I want. I’ve decided that Blurb is too expensive to use again. Amazon wants to know all about tax. And I’m working my way through other options . Eventually I hope to find something that works , before I wonder why I’m bothering and give up.

Apart from a nice trip to the supermarket I spent all morning on my tablet or laptop trying different ideas.

After lunch I thought that it would be nice to add something to my flower painting from yesterday to make it look more like a painting and less like an abandoned rose in a glass. I had painted it in the wrong place so I tried to add a few objects to make it look part of something.

Not sure where to go from here……

Anyways , it was interesting. I still haven’t decided what to paint on the canvas I made earlier.

It’s been sunny and windy most of today.

Nice light.
Fluffy has been round twice for food. I wonder where her kittens are. ….

Hurray, it’s the weekend now. And wine time.


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