2023 in Pisticci…Nice day doing nothing particularly special……

This title is in response to lots articles I’ve read recently where the title makes you think something extraordinary happened……but it didn’t.

It’s been sunny and not too cold all day. I had arranged to meet a friend for coffee and there was my self portrait to work on.

So I worked on the portrait , which is tiny, and decided it was getting better if not perfect.

In the afternoon I worked on it some more and decided that even though I might not look exactly like that, I would like to. Am not sure if that’s allowed….🤔

This is more about composition than accuracy as I can’t find the reference photo. I remember balancing my phone on a chair then rushing over to the window, sitting down and trying to look relaxed.

Anyways, that’s it done for today.

I’d a lovely walk up town and enjoyed stopping to greet neighbours and people I know. It gave me a good feeling of belonging.

I went into the butcher’s to buy wine , always a nice smiley occasion. It was fun to chat in the farmacia where I didn’t even have to ask for my prescription.

Sitting outside Bar Pisticci in the sunshine and chatting was a very pleasant way to pass an hour too.

After lunch I thought I’d better take some photos so went up by the little church.

View towards the mountains
Don’t know what this bush is.
Good shadows
Never tire of the higgeldy piggeldy houses.
My neighbours flowers are looking good.

And to finish work today I climbed cautiously up my ladder and took down 4 large paintings which were part of my ” 2 black hats and a wine glass ” series. I had sold one of them- the most colourful one – so I’m thinking of cheering them all up with some bright flowers . I’ll try them out on my paint app beforehand to see how they’ll look. That should be fun and keep me occupied over the weekend.

The before photo……

Now it’s Friday wine time. The sun is shining and I’m warm, even without the heater. Nice.


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