2023 in Pisticci….lots of preparation …..

It’s a satisfying feeling to have 16 little bags of cooked rice and 4 bags of chickpeas in the freezer. That’s the base for 32 meals. I’m not very fond of cooking so getting it all over with in a morning suits me. I made peanut butter too.

Rice and chickpeas cooling.
Washing drying…..

I prepared for my next trip to Scotland by booking my bus tickets.

Then it was time for the fun prep.

I downloaded photos of the paintings I want to cheer up, and hopefully sell, on to PAINTART. This might not be what the final paintings will look like , but I definitely plan to include Fluffy.

The pots are typical of the “painter of Pisticci ”

I’ve downloaded several photos of Fluffy as reference

I need to organise more references for the flowers, but keeping to a Pisticci theme.

Thought I might as well include my house painting in this one. As well as some poppies and blue flowers.(.not forgetting fluffy.)
Not sure this works……..
I like the poppy scene, but not so sure about the vase of wild flowers.

The originals were all painted from life two or three years ago . The chest is an antique and all the objects have some meaning for me.

My plan is to begin tomorrow and that will be next week’s work.

But now it’s wine time and I think there’s a new episode of ” Have I Got News For You.” on youtube. Hurray!


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