2023 in Pisticci..lovely walk in the sunshine…..

It was nice to take a different route to the supermarket.

Masses of wildflowers
Old houses ….and poppies
View across the valley.
Not sure what these are
Somebody’s little garden
Got everything…blue sky, washing, balconies shadows, flowerpots and green door…must paint.
Nearly at the supermarket.

On the way home I stopped and had a coffee . I don’t often do that, but it was nice to have a treat.


Once back home I sanded the frame on my house painting and considered hanging it in my living room….. but there’s no space.

So it will stay in the gallery.

After that I made stretchers for my self portrait and have spent most of the rest of the day trying to fix my face . I painted over the original one and began again. Still doesn’t look like me. Not giving up……

I like the composition and colours……..

It’s still sunny tonight.

Time for wine now.


One comment

  1. NO does not look like you. Wisteria? sp? for the flowers you posted…I think, will ask ric, he is napping. I know if we get to see you again, I will see lots of your work I have not seen, like the sheep? love that one.

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