2023 in Pisticci….Hurray, it’s the weekend……

I didn’t stop work until nearly 5pm , but I have ” cheered up” 4 big still lives. They were originally painted from life , but all the additions have either been made up or from reference photos. I’m pleased that I’ve finished and that they definitely look cheerful. I’m also glad that there is a little white cat in every one.

I laid them all on the floor to see if they looked ” equally cheerful”.

So that’s that.

I haven’t decided what to do next week. It looks like it will rain from Sunday for 4 days so I should make the most of the time by painting something else.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to take a nice complicated walk to the supermarket. Maybe I’ll see something to inspire me.

When I get back from Scotland I’d like to begin a summer project. Perhaps something to do with light and shadows. I have lots of canvases and have ordered some acrylic pen brushes so that I can play with details.

I went out to see if any more roses had opened . There are several nearly there, but only one blooming. I tried to take a photo of all my flowers while holding back an oleander branch. Tricky!

The pansies are almost visible. In the next few weeks there should be lots of flowers.

Now I want to relax and enjoy having completed my job for this week.

I’ve found some new programmes on youtube which I might enjoy.

The sun is still shining and my door is open. Summer is coming…. .

Cheers 🍷🍷

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