2023 in Pisticci….that was a lot more work than I expected…….

Today my plan was to complete 2 of the paintings I’ve been cheering up.

I started about 9am and apart from an hour off at lunch time I’ve been busy all day. I often underestimate the amount of time it’ll take to finish something.

It’s been sunny so I’ve been sitting beside the open door.

Getting started on the first one.

I thought that I was more or less going to paint the edges and tidy up a few things……

I added a new seascape as well as some poppies, changed the background colour and a whole lot of little details which would take too long to describe.

It was lunch time before I finished.

The next one …..


I’m pleased with the poppies now, but I fixed something on almost every object in the painting.

I’m quite tired now. And there are 2 more to do tomorrow. However I will have perhaps created four more ” sellable ” paintings. And every time I paint something I learn more. So I’m not wasting my time.

Now I’m going to put my feet up, drink wine and relax. It’s nearly the weekend.


Yesterday’s rose….and there are 2 more about to open.

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