2023 in Pisticci….am thankful that I’m not being bombed……..

What is happening in Ukraine is awful . I’ve done what I can to help, but …….

So whenever I feel fed up I remind myself that I’m not in danger of being bombed.

And I try and make the very most of my life because it’s a gift that I shouldn’t waste.

I’ve got my next project organised.

It’s interesting, at least to me ,how the ideas for projects arrive. This time it was a mixture of watching vlogs by Susan Lyon called “Artist Diaries”, a remark by one of my friends about frames and another series of videos from an art gallery in Ballater in Scotland.

My next project therefore will be to use oil paints and paint 8 paintings to fit in 8 old, but important looking frames I had lying around.


I’ll need to clean and fix up some of the frames and I need to make canvases to fit them all.

I ” fixed ” a couple of the paintings taken out of the frames.

Not sure where this was.
I like this.

I don’t know what subjects to paint yet. I think it might be a longterm project to do over the summer as well as painting more small local scenes for tourists.

I had a good time going to the supermarket this morning. It’s a social event and was nice to meet an old friend and stop for a coffee on the way home.

I finally got round to repairing my net curtain which hangs across my door when it’s open. I chose to do it the easy way by standing on a chair rather than taking it down. Fluffy has massacred it by constantly climbing up it. I have another one to replace it, but I’m waiting until after I come back from Scotland and I also repaint some of the walls. Then I will be all clean and pretty for summer ……well,sort of.

My work diary is now updated.

I have been busy.

And I have lots of roses.


Fluffy has dropped in again.

She arrives , eats, drinks and then rushes off, presumably to her kittens.

Now it’s wine time and Saturday. I think the new episode of ” Have I got news for you” is on youtube. Hurray!

Feeling very fortunate. 🍷🍷

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