2023 in Pisticci….Friends and roses….

The day began with grey skies and a forecast for rain so I picked 2 of my roses , some lavender and two other strange green things my neighbour gave me and set them up as a still life.

Another use for  my black canvas

Then it was time to go and meet a friend for coffee. That was fun.

And I might be going out for lunch tomorrow with other friends. I think it’s a public holiday.

Back home I got started painting . Roses are really difficult to paint. I nearly gave up. And while I think about it I should watch a few videos on painting leaves as I tend to treat them as not very interesting  accessories.  I may as well learn to make them look a bit more realistic .

Reasonably pleased with this. The roses are slightly darker in real life.

It seems I’ve painted flowers on all my black canvases so far.

My sofa bed which has been converted to a display table.

I’ve only 2 left to paint .

Now it’s wine time and Sunday vlog night.

Tomorrow I think I might start making canvases to fit all my nice frames. I found another frame this morning.

It was in my attic bedroom.
Grey day in Pisticci.


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