2023 in Pisticci….a good day to go out for lunch…..

It’s been fairly horrible weather all day. Right now a photo doesn’t do it justice because you can’t hear the wind or see the rain.

Popped my head out to take this photo.

The forecast isn’t good for tomorrow either.

This morning there was no chance to sit outside for breakfast.

I’ve started my next project by looking for canvases to fit my frames. I’ll need to make 2 to fit the biggest frames , but I can cut up canvas boards or use old paintings for the rest.

Right after taking this photo I found a canvas to fit the long frame.

That was really all the work I did today.

I spent some time tidying up as friends were coming here before we went out to a restaurant.

Looks nice I think.

As it only occurred to me to use my outside chairs about an hour before my guests were expected I had to dry them with my hairdryer.

However, it worked very well and I can do that in the future.

It was a fun lunch when everyone is comfortable with each other and the food is good.

It’s nice to be back home and cosy now. My shoes and socks are drying on the gas heater and I think wine time has passed for today.

Belated cheers🍷🍷

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