2023 in Pisticci….rain, wind and cutting canvas boards…….

After a night of strong wind and rain there was more of the same this morning. And fog…..

However Fluffy arrived to cheer me up.

Luckily she doesn’t like coffee….

My plan today was to cut up and prepare canvas boards to fit all my frames. I’ve decided that what I am doing is recycling ……it is also not costing me anything as all of the boards were either offcuts or paintings I didn’t like. Recycling sounds good.

Ready to get cutting
Canvas boards all now cut to fit frames.
Now all undercoated in acrylic . Ready to paint with oils.

I was careful with one of the paintings I didn’t like so there was enough of it left to ” improve” and make a new painting.

Would be funny if I sold this.

My new acrylic pen brush things arrived today. I need some time to try them out properly.

I used them to add some details in this.

Finally a friend arrived bringing me lemons so now I know what to paint next.

Weather is improving.

Now it’s wine time. Tomorrow I plan to make 2 stretched canvases to fit my bigger frames and then I’ll be prepared for my next project.

I read today that 20 minutes of art each day is good for me. Hurray!


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