2023 in Pisticci….more rain and a bit of sawing…….

It’s still raining and water is pouring down from my gutter into my plant pot…….

Doesn’t look very pretty in this weather.
It’s difficult to see, but there is a little river running down my street. There is a big drain at the end which takes it down the hill.

Meanwhile nearby……

This is the beginning of some very expensive work to make sure that my area stays put and doesn’t slide down the hill.

But apart from the weather…..which should be back to normal on Friday…… it’s been a nice working day.

I decided to make 2 canvases to fit my biggest frames.

About to begin….
Drat….not quite enough,so need to use second strip.
Stretchers made, glued and stapled. Need to start new roll of canvas.
Canvas cut.
Hurray , they fit. ( my measuring skills are not very good so this a satisfactory result. )

In between sawing and stapling etc I was practising using my new acrylic brush pens. They are better than I thought yesterday. I was blending colours today.

I also watched a video on painting poppies.

Had fun experimenting on these.

It’s not that I want to paint very detailed paintings, I just want to be able to add some detail if I feel like it. And I don’t seem to be able to to keep my little paintbrushes from splaying out.

I was going to paint lemons , but I was tired so I drew them using a white acrylic pen. Very satisfying. All ready to paint now.

Tomorrow’s work.

And now I really want a glass of wine.


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