2023 in Pisticci….hurray it’s the weekend…….

And next Tuesday I should be off to Scotland for 2 weeks.

I’m considering painting something on my 8th and last blank black canvas on Sunday before I go as I like finishing things.

Today I decided to add some other flowers to brighten up 2 of the magnolia paintings. After all they were done when I needed to practice painting magnolias for a mural.

I’m pleased with the results.
I picked some roses and lavender because it’s more fun painting from life.

After 3 days of adjusting my €2 dungarees I was still not completely happy with them so I went out and bought a ball of wool and decorated the seam which I had sewn on the outside leg.

Now my seam sewing is not so obvious

It’s been sunny and windy today so I thought I’d take a trip to the supermarket after lunch.

Nice old door
Door with matching bins
On way to piazza San rocco
Nearly home.

Tomorrow I need to buy pink socks.

Now it’s weekend wine time.



  1. Hi Anne, well this will come as a bolt from the blue! Its Debbie Kaney from Perth. I love the tales, look and sound of your life. You write and paint so well. I was prompted to look you up as Steve and I are doing an interrail holiday in June for our 60ths and coming to Italy. Down the west coast as far as Sorrento. So not near your patch for a visit, but advice gratefully received. particularly I’m looking for novels set in Italy. If I ever write a book it will be about women who’ve expanded their lives.
    Then I saw you are coming to Scotland soon, so if you have time, would be great to meet. Debbie xx

    • Would be delighted to meet up in Perth. Am there from 16th to 30th this month. .
      I’m only on Internet at my daughter’s house and phoning my number doesn’t always work. But leave a message on WhatsApp or an ordinary message and I should get it.

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