2023 in Pisticci….finally fixed these dungarees…..

Well, nearly, I hope. Today I tried them on again and the legs looked like jodhpurs. It worries me that I am wasting time on something that I should have cut up and used as painting rags. At €2 I wouldn’t have wasted my money.

However I seem to have a certain stubbornness so after some thought, a few bad words and quite a lot of unsuccessful measuring I cut the material on the outside of the legs and sort of sewed it back up again smaller. My sewing is a little noticeable and so I may buy some wool and stitch a pattern over it.

I’ve spent so long on them that I’d better wear them this summer.

More or less fitting…….though socks don’t look so good, but floor is freezing.

I’ve also been trying on clothes to travel in to Scotland and have settled on a pair of corduroy harem pants and a short cashmere jumper. ( the jumper was a €2 bargain) It’s hard work and chilly trying on clothes in my gallery . The floor is very very cold. It’s hard to believe that in about 6 weeks it will be the most comfortable room in my house.

I like to wear something interesting, but comfortable , to travel in. Even after all these years I’m still impressed by travelling abroad. Mostly I’m on my own so dreaming that I’m on an adventure with the right clothes helps. I might write another story this trip…..or do some digital sketches.

Mixed weather

It looks like the plan for my next mural will be okay.

Now I’ll have to think of another job for tomorrow. …….I have one last black canvas….and a lot of roses…….?

But it’s time for wine. ( and nearly the weekend. )


Outside tonight.


  1. Hey there, love your blog!
    Great post! It’s inspiring to see how you were able to repurpose and personalize your clothing, even if it required some extra effort. I’m curious, how do you decide on what to wear for traveling and adventures? Do you have any tips for striking the balance between interesting and comfortable outfits?
    Charlotte 🌿 http://www.arvorlife.com 🌊
    With you from ocean to mountain top ⛰️

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