2023 in Pisticci….painting with wool….

Not exactly….but I was using wool just like I’d use paint. I was a little handicapped by lack of colours and as I’ve never done this before lack of skill. I’m not sure I can mix wool. ( note to self….maybe I could twist 2 colours together…)

However I didn’t…or haven’t so far.

I probably would not have even tried to paint with wool except that there were no pink socks to be had or cheap short tops.

So I bought several balls of wool and set to work.

Only available colours
Spent some time picking out the blue flowers
Thought I’d try roses. Drew them roughly with white wool.

I’m not even very good at painting roses, but I had pink in my mind.

The result.
In context.

I was thinking of the emperor’s new clothes analogy here as I am not convinced that my woollen roses don’t look like a mess. But on the other hand , if I stride confidently about then perhaps anyone noticing might think that it is a new fashion/ abstract/ modern art and not that someone has inexpertly sewed some rough roses and leaves on a €2 cashmere jumper to hide a few marks.

It was quite good fun to do and I found a good use for my big David Hockney portrait book by sticking it inside the jumper so I didn’t sew the front to the back accidentally. That has happened before.

As for the pink socks….I tidied out my sock drawer and found a pair of dark pink ones which will do. ( saves me painting a black pair…..not really…..?)

Wine time is at someone else’s house tonight so need to get ready to go.


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