2023 in Pisticci/Perth……what a long day…..

I didn’t sleep very well and eventually got up just before 5am.

By 6am after having taken anti this and that pills I was on my way to Ferrandina Station where they welcome aliens. Seriously , “ALIENS WELCOME” is written across the front of the Station.

It was a lovely bus journey and I spent the time studying clouds.

Painting clouds is not something I’m very good at.

I had decided to treat myself to breakfast at the airport . So I had a cappuccino with a cornetto which I dunked. Very nice.

Due to my lack of noticing details I had 5 hours to wait at the airport. However I felt quite intrepid and vaguely glamorous and every time I looked at my embroidered roses on my jumper I laughed. ( Katy says that the roses look as if they were meant to be there so I’m pleased)

The flight was more boring than anything else though there were some shoogly episodes due to high winds. And someone in the seat behind me had a very bad cold so I used my ” spray which stops germs” several times.

I had to change my train booking as the plane was early and had to wait till another plane moved to let it park. Then the passport control was slow and finally I was so tired that after several tries to buy a tram ticket from a machine I gave up when I was timed out and rebooked.

After 2 changes and a near miss I eventually arrived in Perth about 7pm.

Now after 2 large glasses of wine I am so glad to be here.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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