2023 in Pisticci/Perth….what lovely weather….

I’ve just seen on TV that there is widespread flooding in the north of Italy. This May has been the wettest I can remember in Pisticci.

However today in Perth it was sunny and not very cold.

The high street
River Tay
Bridge over the Tay.

I had a lovely walk into town , apart from my knee feeling a bit sore.

Once I had bought a knee support thing it felt much better. Old age I suppose.

There are always things I want to buy the first day I’m back so I’m now stocked up on mascara , vitamin pills and cheap white tee shirts.

Back home I tidied out one of my drawers and found lots more vitamin pills, chocolate, licorice, crisps, crayons, business cards, easter eggs and a couple of watercolour paintings.

And far too many jumpers bought in charity shops in weak moments. Will try and pass them on to my granddaughter.

There was no WiFi or TV this afternoon as work was being done installing a new electronic gate.

I was very glad when it came back on.

Completely by accident I’m in Perth during ” Perth Festival of the Arts.”. I’ve found 3 art exhibitions I’d like to go to. Hurray.

Now I’m lying on the sofa writing this and drinking wine. The forecast is good for the next 2 days at least.


Cheers 🍷🍷

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