2023 in Pisticci/Perth……2 art exhibitions…..

I was going to sit outside and write, but after 5 minutes it got very windy so I’ve retreated inside. 

It was a nice idea.
Romantic corner
Doug liked being outside.

Everyone in the family and a lot of other Perth people are at Scone races today. It’s  Ladies day which seems to involve a lot of dressing up and hats. There were  several very smart white shuttle buses parked all the way along the street beside the museum and lots of ladies in pretty flowery dresses milling about.

I thought that I’d go and visit the museum which is also an art gallery . There were a selection of paintings by Scottish artists. It would be fair to say that I liked one…. but not very much.

However around the corner in a large tent there was a contemporary exhibition where there were several paintings I liked a lot. I enjoyed looking round and I might go back .

There are another two exhibitions to go to at the weekend.

It’s been a quiet afternoon and I’m glad it’s wine time.


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