eating an elephant.

summer flowers at the end of my street

the title would about describe how i feel about what i  am attempting to do here, earning a living as an artist . that is trying to do something that seems just too big.

however someone once said that the trick to eating an elephant was a little bit at a time.

i was looking at my impressive( at least to me) list of things i need to do  and suddenly i thought of something really important i needed to do somewhere else, anywhere else but not on that list.

its funny how reading lots about procrastinating and getting organised makes lots of sense until its time to begin.

so its monday afternoon.

last week i finished my 4 large drawings of streets in perth. and i painted one landscape.   ( and i am almost finished my drawings for my next cat story)  now  that i think about it , my first aim to paint more could be a bit more specific.  but i would need to measure it in hours actually painting as i have been known to paint 8 paintings in a week . so maybe 5 hours painting or drawing each day or 25 hours a week cause there are always cars to be mot d, docs appts etc and it being italy even going to the post office can take an hour.

it so happens that this week i got asked to do a couple of paintings for an exhibition  and i joined an online gallery. i also have other plans.

having a positive attitude , may be helped if i make a list of what  i have actually acheived week by week.

making myself write this blog means that i have to put something in it. i need to have done something worth writing about . i want to read about myself going somewhere.

i am continuing to tweet, put links on facebook and gradually i am learning how to be more computer literate.

painting affordable art was what i was doing when i did the landscape. i did it in an afternoon and am pleased with it. i have decided that the paintings of perth i am working on will be priced according to the work i put into them.

the last thing on my list which was DO IT is probably the most important thing.  i read somewhere that if you imagine you have energy then you will have it?   it does seem to me that dragging myself around saying i am tired and cold definitely works on that basis. because i am fairly sure that if someone came round and said i had just won a million pounds on the lottery i would have enough energy to do lots of stuff. mmm, must work on that one!  perhaps  a mixture of cappucino , company, a bit exercise and telling myself i have enough energy to paint for 30 hours a week and i only need to do 25 might help.

the painting is the  landscape i did this week. i am really lucky to have this view all summer.

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