what is progress and how do I know?

view from our stand

Yesterday I went to a market in taranto  and had a lovely day.  We arrived at 7am and set up on corner of the piazza , coincidentally , with the same view of the piazza, which i had painted on saturday.

The sun shone. The temperature rose to 21 degrees.

I had conversations with  two of the other stall holders, one who is also an artist and we discussed ways of displaying and selling paintings. (I mention this because not being fluent in italian, having a conversation is an achievement.)

I bought two gold painted frames which i may use in an exhibition soon. And i find that quite often i get inspired by unusual frames.

Then the market organisers came by and noticed my painting of the piazza and also one another city where we do a market . So they invited me to take part in an artisans market once a month starting in march in this larger city where there  i would be selling to a wealthier population.

Lots of people came by the stall, looked at the paintings, complimented me  and left.

For the first time in Taranto someone asked about me doing a portrait and someone else wanted a quote for the cost of a large seascape.

I didnt sell one painting.

But I think all in all I am making progress.


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