how to make a living as an artist in italy- or not

yesterday i sold three paintings in a market in martina franca in puglia in the south of italy.  great! i love selling paintings. every time i do i am so pleased that someone has liked my painting enough to actually  buy it. i love the thought that a lot of people now have something of me in their houses and i like that what i paint presumably makes people happy.( i dont dream that i am sought after because i will eventually be worth lots)

i ve sold just under 100 paintings since june of last year. they were all sizes from 50 by 70 down to postcard size.   people from pisticci, matera, taranto, martina franca, rome, perth (scotland), sweden, france and perhaps other places own my paintings.

so what is the problem?

my average price  for a painting is about 30 euros. ( i have sold some bigger commissions and portraits for 100 but  they were exeptions)

so i need a plan to enable me to  afford to live here.

1. paint more

2. paint faster

3.look for more markets and even galleries

4. write this blog and perhaps get some encouragement.

5. have a positive outlook ( bit vague- in other words dont give up)


7. paint affordable art and also some other stuff ( need to think about that)

8. do it.

so i am writing this blog as a record of this year and and how it goes.

any suggestions, encouragement or stories of people who have or are managing to to make a living as artists would be great to hear. or people in the same position as me. thanks.

One comment

  1. Sounds like you are doing everything right.
    Charge what people can easily afford, and size your work accordingly.
    Sounds like people love your work f you sold 100. Not many artists manage that.
    Charge more as time goes by.
    I would like to see more detail such as measurements: not sure if you are referring to inches or centimetres.
    Also from last June- what is the date of this blog? Not sure how long ago last June was.
    I always believed that when you love something, landscape or person, it comes out looking fantastic on a canvas.
    Best wishes

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