getting value

this week I have changed my statement on this blog from, trying to make a living as an artist in italy, to making a living as an artist in italy.

its just two words less but have decided that “trying to ” implies that I cant do it.

perhaps I am being irrational as I am down to my last 300 euros and have earned 15 euros this month but something in my head has changed.

something like looking at what I have got rather than what I need. (not that I dont wake up in the middle of the night feeling horridly panicked or worry about the next big bill) but I seem to feel that I have so much  that somehow it will work out.

realistically , I cant work when I am scared and panicking  and being negative so …..

this week I finished two paintings ,which are ok ( high praise coming from me), I  have discovered my style, I have had a private performance of the tarantella from a folk group at my studio door, the tank in the country house garden is full of gas, I have had meals delivered by string and plastic bag delivered from my upstairs neighbour, have been out for coffee with my partner and on my own several times, I have two paintings in an exhibition which is opening tomorrow , I have stayed in my studio overnight and got lots more done , have had lots of positive feedback on my paintings on facebook and on and on and on………..

And somehow I feel that I am getting value in my life. I am creating something valuable  and eventually the money part will sort itself out.

the photo with this blog is of the folk group outside my studio door. probably the highlight of my week.

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