plans, dreams, work

Been having a lot of fun painting recently. Have not sold any for a while ,unless you count the portrait  that was in lieu of payment for scooter repairs.

But am creating “stock” just as fast as I can.  Am sticking to my plan and have completed 4 street scenes of Perth,  4 new views of martina franca for new  market, two colourful flower pics  to match  extravagant frames and  a large landscape which may or may not be a commission.

And I have written an aricle called a day in studio basilicata, sent photos to an architect in australia ( of Pisticci)  and followed lots of people on twitter and subscribed to lots of blogs.

And I have decided that if I can get the finance, I will do a course on illustration cause I think it would be exactly where I want to go next. I have always dreamt of  writing and illustrating.

And I have been staying overnight in the studio once a week to make sure I get everything done and I have.

Have one hundred and five euros left ( and a studio and almost half a house) . Exciting or what! 

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