latest painting – long story

Having said this would be a long story I may need to be brief as I am writing this in the country house using a plug in internet thingy and it has a habit of turning off .
But it has been ages since I wrote here and it’s nearly the end of the year and I would like to catch up with myself.

I have been busy painting portraits – and as the biggest one hasn’t been delivered yet  and two others are Christmas gifts I will post them in January. I spent three months working on a family portrait of 4 people and it has been a real labour.

So my latest painting is a small 20cmx20cm  snowscene from a photo of the snowman I built in my street in February when I was staying in my studio and it snowed unexpectedly and stayed for ten days.

It was going to be part of a series of small paintings I was planning to do for an art market in Marconia on the 8th of December.  It would have been the first market I had done this year and I was looking forward to it very much.

I had also bought some small frames with canvases to fit and in between finishing off all the portraits I managed four small landscapes.

And then just over two weeks ago as I was on my way to Pisticci a dog attacked my scooter causing me to fly off and land on my face. So I have been hiding out in the country  since then. Luckily I didn’t break anything but I had two black eyes , bruising right down to under my chin and a swollen face for the first week which made me look like a piebald chipmunk. Not a good look. The bruising is fading now but still quite obvious and I have difficulty eating.

However I have enjoyed recuperating in the country.

Yesterday I decided I would paint the little snowscene for fun and I am very pleased with it. I have some plans for more small paintings – all of my street at different times of year. And as I am vain enough to give myself another week in hiding I may get them done soon.recuperating in my little snowman



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