almost August and time to go to the beach………

I have been working as hard as I can so that I can have August off- or at least just paint what I want. I have had some interesting commissions recently – one using a palette knife which was fun . Am painting a commissioned street scene just now which is not so much “fun” as there are so many balconies and doors and windows and drainpipes and pillars… but it is looking ok so far.

The business with the house was done at the notary and now it feels strange to be settling into a slightly different life. I am gradually acquiring a virtual garden outside my studio and have a nice bench too. In fact I am going to go sit out there whenever I am finished writing this with a glass of wine and a book.

Yesterday I met one of the little girls for the first time, who I had drawn last year. I was really pleased to be able to give her a copy of the drawing. I was also happy to recognise her from my drawing.

I have had a house guest for the last few weeks so am blaming that on not having done any more sketching but I think I am taking part in a sketch a day thing on twitter next month so that should get me started again.

So here are some of the paintings I have done recently – but not the street scene as that will take me a few days yet- and i am remembering not to wait until everything is done before writing this….ImageImage

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