2013 – commissions versus my own stuff

When I started writing this blog I was concentrating on painting things that would sell and now having sold the country house I have a small income that would allow me to have more choice about what I paint.

But this year I have hardly been without a commission. I can’t remember how many portraits I have done- most of which I don’t put online as they are more personal and often gifts. I have also just finished a large painting of mountains and a small village and I remember painting a large scene with poppies.  Then there was a long narrow Pisticci scene . I did a pencil drawing of a group of 6 people and a small painting of hundreds of little houses.I have two more portraits waiting to be done  and more work after that. I think I have had on average two commissions per month.

It’s funny really because I was not so desperate for work this year and particularly after #paintseptember on twitter I am so much more interested to paint subjects I chose. However earnings from paintings sold are paying for heating so are quite welcome.

So since my last post I have sold three portraits and six small paintings one pastel and three long thin scenes. I have in that time painted also 4 more long thin paintings and 5 more small paintings.

Next year- like starting tomorrow- I would like to think that I can continue to improve in painting portraits ( this year have enjoyed using a limited palette of only 5 colours) and I want to do more sketching and maybe some large figurative paintings. And I need to do something about prices- er maybe next month! Or the month after………….



  1. Sounds like you had a banner year. Always enjoy seeing your work, It’s like I have access to my own little art gallery. Happy New Year!

  2. I really like the first and last in your line-up. I can see you may be ready to discover that “painterliness,” (that elusive distillation of basic rendering,) can add real depth to your subjects. Also changing up the ratio of length to width can be very exciting! I have always found that long and thin opens all kinds of spatial dialogue inside the frame. As always, great work! Oh and happy new year, see you soon!!

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