my next big adventure

Last week I bought a house. 
I can’t quite believe that I did it. It is not that I haven’t had in my mind for years that If I wanted to encourage other artists to come  to Pisticci then I might have to be a bit proactive ……but it has all happened so quickly. I was shown the house , which is only 2 minutes from my studio , about 3 weeks ago and after talking to my sisters and daughter I said , “yes ,I will buy it” . everything went so quickly , the paperwork, transferring money – and on the 30th of April I went to the notary, signed the final documents and received the largest key I have ever seen.

The house consists of one large room with a small bathroom in the corner. It has a brick arched part at the back and depending on what I can afford it could be quite beautiful. Its in a lovely little cul de sac , so there are no cars. It’sImage light inside and when you step out the door you look over the tiled roofs towards the mountains.

My plan is to make it a house where artists, writers, musicians, come for peace and inspiration. There is plenty of both in Pisticci. 

So, in a few weeks time I hope that work will start to clean up the bricks at the back, enlarge the toilet and add a shower and make a small kitchen area. It’s not a holiday house but I hope a space for work and reflection. I would like to think that everyone who stays there will leave some work of art to add to it and then who knows………….have got lots of little other plans buzzing around ……….what fun this could be…

One comment

  1. Great news l have in my head a picture of your new house`, Hope all your dreams come true,
    Jill xxx

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