Progress and procrastination

Summer has  finally arrived. It is so lovely to be warm again without wearing layers of clothes and a hat. You would think that I lived in the artic- but that is just my studio! Now however it is about 24C . 

Which leads on nicely to my new project/artist’s retreat which will be getting a leakproof roof, damp resistant treatment and various other sensible things including some kind of heating (to be decided) so that it can be used all year round without having to resort to hat indoors. The work should be starting  next month and finished by the end of september.  In the meantime I need to check out some details so that I can arrange for people to use it  by the end of the year- or maybe before.  Am alternately excited and scared by what I have taken on. (progress)

But this now means that I need to sell more paintings as I have spent several years income- oops! And strangely , this is where I am procrastinating. I think I am just a little anxious- and probably need to start very small and quietly to get over this. I have lots of quite sensible and practical plans- from putting prices on  my paintings in the restaurant, to painting round Pisticci so that I am a bit more visible again, now that I don’t do markets,  paint a lot of medium sized  paintings which are easily posted and can be sold online, and work on several large paintings different from my normal- which I would like to enter in competitions and/or sell for a more realistic price. 

So have now got out my symbolic black sun hat  ( and should ImageImage be beginning – however small- tomorrow.

In the meantime I have finished for the third time this largeish painting of the fruit market and I enjoyed painting this small flower study.

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