“March”ing on in various directions……

It’s that time of year again, when I remind myself that I should work really hard so I have plenty of paintings ready for the summer season and can therefore spend more time at the beach.

But am not that good at listening to myself and its normal to be lethargic in March isn’t it?

February was great. I didn’t do everything I planned – my canvases didn’t arrive  so no large square paintings- but I kept going with #landfebruary in my sketchbook and fitted it in to several commissions.  I did go to Matera on the bus but did not see any actors from Ben Hur.  (I think I need a plan for April next.)

So will post some of my work from February.

Then I am slowly getting back some momentum after a holiday in Scotland. I have 2 portrait commissions due and a painting to do for an exhibition in July. I have a plan for an adventure (in a mild sort of way) which includes sketching and exploring Basilicata by bus. I have a big birthday coming up so would like to do something special.

I am thinking of taking part in #buildapril. on twitter and  using it to experiment with different mediums. It just helps me to be part of something. (Like weightwatchers for artists)

I am also finding my other job as keeper of artist’s retreat is taking up some time. Have met so many interesting and friendly people from all over the world since I opened it up. Am looking forward to meeting more.

Painting and restoring my studio is getting put off for the time being as I need to wait until the walls have dried out properly after winter. But I have some plans for that too.

I am sitting here today, writing this after an extremely windy night when I had to get up at 2am and bring my scooter indoors. plaster fell off the building above but luckily didn’t damage anything except my bench. It was loud and scary- but my street is like a wind tunnel. However the forecast for the next few days is more of the same.. ..but next week its to be sunny and 22c.

fixed this portrait I did several years ago
foggy evening in via custoza
getting started again… bought this vase in florence
piazza in pisticci, in sketchbook
piazza san rocco , pisticci
sassi in Matera
20150224_160428_LLS (1)
a house in the sassi in Matera
colourful sketch of end of my street
small commission , includes artist’s retreat
washing day in via custoza
via custoza
via custoza 2
view towards dirupo, pisticci
large painting of part of Pisticci
pen drawing of my street
snowy day in february

That should get me energised again……..

sea painting for fun, based on stormy sunday at the beach
sea painting for fun, based on stormy sunday at the beach

part of something

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