April , artist’s retreat, art………

It’s nearly the end of April and I am pleased to report that this month I have earned enough money to live on.  My aim is to earn 350 euros each month which is just about enough to live on. (especially in summer when there is no need for heating.) Anything more than that is very welcome…….

So far this year I have earned something most months but twice I have earned enough.My aim for this year is to earn enough for 6 months of the year. So only 4 more to go.

This weekend am planning to go to a market in Taranto for the first time in ages.  May or may not sell something. We will see- but is nice to have the opportunity to try.

I am working on new stock for the summer now and will try and sell some of my older paintings to motivate myself. (I guess that doesnt sound very artistic but it is practical.)

I have also finished a painting on a theme for an exhibition in the summer.

And my artist’s retreat has an artist in it!

And next week there is a heatwave due…….hurray!!!!!20150422_145435 20150501_115942

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