Looking for Artists- or Writers – or Musicians- or film makers

My “artist’s retreat ” has been booked all summer  and the last people left on saturday.  Next year i would like to increase the proportion of creative people staying there as now i am confident that the house is good, the atmosphere is conducive to creativity and I was right, Pisticci is special. I have something unique to offer – and that is an affordable space to create in- in a special place. (I keep seeing an advert which says “you don’t need therapy , you need to go to Italy”- probably true!)

Check out the house and reviews on AIRBNB. – small, artist’s house , Pisticci.  I am more than happy to help out with info and places to go.  If you have ever dreamed of taking a month off and spending it painting or writing or whatever then this is the perfect place to get away from it all and find what you are looking for.

I am not normally so er forthright but it seems from all the feedback I have had that this is indeed a special area and well worth spending time in.

I have made the prices to suit people who can’t afford to go on a weeks art course but could afford a month’s stay here.

So apart from enjoying meeting all the people staying in my “artist’s retreat” I have been busy painting on a wall in Marconia. I am so very happy to have been invited to take part in this public art project.  Next month we should be starting an even bigger work in Pisticci.

I have not been painting so much in my studio- other than 2 portraits this week – due to two little mice in my studio.  http://moltobrava.blogspot.com   (tale of two mice, dropping bugs and a frog…)

You can also get a taste of life in Pisticci from twitter – bellabasilicata..

work in progress
finished work.
maria grazia
vito antonio


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