summer in Pisticci

Is now july and very hot.

I have not sold anything for 2 months  but it has given me the opportunity to  try things I would like to do. I have been taking part in  #figurejuly on twitter and although not completing something every day have been drawing,then painting figures -trying to show some communication between them.

I have taken photos of people at a distance- so that they are not particularly portraits- but more figures in action. Am now getting to the end of the month and running out of interesting situations. I could I suppose find photos online but its the fact that these are real people that makes it interesting for me.

And my other experiment this month has been playing with a sort of colourist theory. I have always liked paintings in this style and was curious to see what I could do. I am still using a limited palette – but I have changed the colours,  Apart from black and white  , I am using  cadmium yellow (pale) phthalo blue, and vermillion hue. (I added purple in  the painting of flowers at my door as I really wanted the flowers to be the colour they are.)

however, I was asked if I wanted to take part in an event in sasso di castaldo next month and have managed to organise myself so that I can do that. It involves going on a train taking  paintings with me and staying overnight. I am looking forward to it.

Spurred on by this I changed my painting hanging in vladimiro’s bar in town and on the way back a lady from one of the shops  in the piazza offered to  put some of my paintings in her window for the feste. I have given her prints to sell to tourists in the meantime.

And I decided to phone the organiser of the market I used to take part in, so am now doing a 2 day market in Pisticci on the 8,9th of August.

My Artist’s Retreat has been booked almost all of the summer, though not neccessarily by artists. I am enjoying meeting so many people and it seems that it is not only me who thinks that Pisticci is special. ( airbnb  , artist’s house, pisticci, check out the reviews!)

I am trying to be more businesslike and have now put prices on all my paintings in my studio/gallery and have made about 40 prints and mounted them. (after I had a group of about 20 tourists visit!)  Hopefully there will be some more….

My plan for the next few weeks is then to create as many paintings as possible so that I have some new work to take to the market.

Have included some of this last month’s experiments.20150703_161545_LLS 20150704_225709_LLS 20150706_162916_LLS 20150708_194033_LLS 20150710_093009_LLS 20150710_150659_LLS 20150711_195505_LLS 20150713_185505_LLS 20150716_124435_LLS 20150716_165422_LLS (2) 20150720_145329_LLS 20150723_141316_LLS

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