2017- NEW WORK (in Pisticci)

Due to no banging and assorted noises from upstairs this year  have completed an impressive amount of work including some oil paintings ( a trial- and result of being stuck inside because of snow). As usual I think I could have done more and wonder why  I don’t do more sketching in the evenings or spare time. It seems that, however around 6 hours of painting 5 or 6 days a week is as much as I can do before I shut down.

Since December I took part in 2 Christmas street market nearby.( Very enjoyable ) And have finished several commissions, and am nearly finished  a series of Paintings of larger areas of Pisticci. No idea how many little houses I have painted.

I have still a desire to paint more portraits- particularly  where I chose the subject, but there never seems enough time.

My little artist’s house is still getting bookings  from a mixture of tourists and people taking a month out for various reasons.  I have met so many interesting people.

Have some vague plans for this year to expand my work. Will see what happens…..

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