my life- more colourful and unusual

This last 2 weeks I have been working on some rather different surfaces. It’s been more for fun than money , but I was needing a bit of a boost and putting some colour in my house has helped.

After a lovely long weekend with friends, staying near Lecce (in Puglia) in a lovely appartment where the predominant colour was lime green, I decided I could do with a bit of that.

So I painted a part of the kitchen wall and a panel on the bathroom door. Very cheering. (so now I have a yellow bedroom,  orange attic and terracotta gallery and part lime green kitchen.)

Then, out for a meal with friends I admired the patchwork tiles with which the restaurant was decorated…….mmmm……I was a little fed up with the paint effect (more of a paint disaster.) on the bathroom floor, so after 2 coats of white paint and 2 days sitting on the bathroom floor while the sun shone outside, and 3 coats of varnish I have a colourful, cheering patchwork tiled floor. Only cost time as I did it entirely using left over paint.  (am considering a strip similar in the kitchen now- my tiles are old and chipped and have given up on trying to see them as cutely antique.

Next I did some painting on a washboard which I always enjoy as I don’t feel the same pressure to be exact and frankly it’s fun to do.

My next bit of work was to paint  eyes on a spider light fitting for a neighbour. That is possibly the most unusual work I have done so far……..more than the pizza shovel, or the garden gnomes or roof tiles etc. I am happy to say it is now staring at me every time I pass the house in a spidery menacing way. Who knew that I could paint spider eyes…..

Finally- or up until today-  I made  myself a fake window to hang above my table outside. (I forgot to mention that I painted the table top lime green too.) I had been thinking that the table looked a little bare and a real window would have been nice but this one cost 5 euros- that was for the plastic flowers- and my time again.

I used an old wooden frame that was a little warped so no use for much, stapled a piece of canvas on to the back, then nailed an offcut of canvas board at the bottom and painted a window with a window box. There was room to stick some colourful artificial flowers in the window box part and it looked amazing in my opinion. Fixing it to the wall was a little tricky but with a lot of white string and some strategically placed heavy flowerpots for extra security – very windy street- it was done.

I still have some plans for more interesting but cheap additions to my house. I think I was getting a bit depressed about never being able to afford to get it fixed so this is my version of distracting myself from the things I can’t fix.

My” little artist.s house” (airbnb ,  Pisticci)) on the other hand is virtually perfect so no room for crazy ideas.  It has been such a treat meeting lots of interesting people all year and hopefully lots more in the future. I still have some days available over the summer but on the whole its been keeping me pleasantly busy and entertained.

I have been conscious of needing more colour in my paintings as well and have been trying to make white more colourful too,

with some success I think. Having sold 4 of my new square paintings I really need to get back to painting on canvas for profit……..but might just have to paint the kitchen tiles first now that it is on my mind……..will see…..




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