Not what I expected….

Since I last wrote here, my best friend fell off his scooter, was in a coma and is now in the north of italy in a rehab centre learning to be himself again….very slowly.

So a lot of my plans haven’t happened yet. But now as I have more time …no more meeting for coffee every other day I am beginning to recover my energy and enthusiasm and as always painting makes me feel better.

Have spent the last few weeks in between hospital visiting doing a series of paintings  where I have tried to make white more colourful.

They are on canvas panels 30x30cm and cost 40 euros each.  I have enjoyed painting them as I did the colourful summer paintings in the countryside.

My next painting might be a very large painting of my studio. I have always loved interiors and …well…after this last 2 months I think I should paint ,now , the subjects which I really like.

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